What is eco-friendly or sustainable skincare?

The beauty industry has woken up to consumers searching for products from companies that are serious about their impact on the natural world and health.

As demand for sustainable skincare increases, there’s been an explosion of products with a myriad of labels. From natural, plant-based and organic, to vegan, clean, eco-friendly and sustainable: navigating the names and looking beyond the labels can be challenging. We would like to share AMLY’s take on sustainability in the beauty industry, and share our approach, how we do it and why.

What is sustainable beauty?

For a beauty product to be truly sustainable it needs to be as safe for the planet as it is for your skin. As well as being made with non-toxic ingredients, each part of the process from the packaging to the transport of ingredients requires careful consideration to ensure as light a touch on the earth as possible.

What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty requires two main criteria: safe, non-toxic ingredients that are no risk to health, and transparent labelling of every ingredient used. We believe clean beauty also means being mindfully created with every ingredient, with careful consideration for our skin, our body, our mind and our environment.

What is cruelty free skin care?

To be cruelty-free beauty, neither the ingredients contained in a product nor the finished product itself can be tested on animals. This means pledging to be cruelty-free in every market you sell in, not just the country where the cruelty-free status is used.

All of our skincare products are PETA certified cruelty-free, which means we have signed the PETA statement of assurance and take the cruelty-free status of our natural beauty products seriously.

What is vegan beauty?

Vegan beauty products contain no animal-derived ingredients or animal products whatsoever in their creation, including honey, beeswax, collagen and lanolin. Naturally, this also means that none of the ingredients or finished product are tested on animals either.

The majority of AMLY Botanicals skincare products are proudly vegan. There are a small selection of products containing propolis which is a compound produced by bees. Propolis contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which is helpful for healing and combating viruses. The propolis used in AMLY products are taken from natural beehives in the lowest-impact way possible.

It is this ingredient that stops a handful of our products from being suitable for vegans.

What is plant-based beauty?

We know that in the food world, people usually say plant-based to mean vegan, and this can lead to confusion when it comes to plant-based beauty products. When we say plant-based, we mean that the ingredients or compounds are 100% sourced from a plant and are not synthetic or nature-identical.

What do we mean by ‘natural’ beauty products?

When people are looking for a natural beauty product, we know they are looking for something that is comprised of mostly natural, non-synthetic ingredients. All AMLY products are made with over 70% natural ingredients, in fact most of our beauty products are over 90% natural, so we are confident calling our line natural. Wherever we have used nature-identical compounds instead, these have always been chosen as a clean and sustainable option.

The Inner Nature of AMLY

By its very nature, any new business has an environmental impact. When we founded AMLY we made a steadfast commitment to tread as lightly as possible and offer as much back to the natural world as it offered us. We continue to use that as our guiding force and our ‘true north’ with every decision we make when it comes to our natural beauty products.

Founders Lisa Smallpeice and Kerry Moore have two very unique perspectives that complement and amplify this commitment:

With only 2% of indigenous wildflower meadows still in existence, Lisa and her family witness the effect of the changing climate on the natural world first-hand at their home on Hawthbush Farm in Sussex which is also home to so many of the healing botanicals found in AMLY products. Everything they do is 100% mindful of the impact it has on the environment, and the sense of responsibility they have as guardians of the living land. Discover the secrets of the AMLY meadow.

Kerry’s practice as a leading craniosacral therapist means she recognizes just how sensitive people’s systems can be to ingredients, the impact that can have on our wellbeing, and how essential it is not to compromise the wellness of the body. Read more about Kerry’s practice and how it weaves into AMLY

This unique combination of land and body wisdom forms the foundation of everything AMLY does.

Creating a scientifically-proven, genuinely sustainable skincare range is an ever-evolving practice. Its ecology is as complex as the natural world and requires delicate, dedicated tending. Just like our skin, and the ancient wildflower itself.

Read on to learn about AMLY’s approach to sustainability, how we do it and why.