We are so excited to share news about our new compostable packaging.  Our new protective boxes are made from the interconnected root-like network of mushrooms called mycelium and they are completely compostable and sustainable.

Mushrooms are one of the most fascinating organic materials on the planet.  The role of mycelium and mushrooms is to break down matter, so it plays an essential role in the composting of debris on the forest floor.  It is the fungi that draws the nutrients of the Autumn fall back into the soil, to be renewed and released for new life in the next season.

This is just about the most natural form of recycling there is, and we have replicated this natural process to develop our sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible packaging. We feel that this is very symbiotic with the ethos behind all AMLY products; working with the land, the seasons and the naturally-occurring healing properties of plants.


We have been growing mycelium for the protective packaging of AMLY products.  As the mycelium grows, it binds with natural biomass such as crop fibres – corn husks or hemp – around a custom-made mould.  After a few days of growing under the perfect conditions, it is dehydrated to prevent any further growth.  This part of the process is called baking, and the result is your perfectly protected AMLY products in their grown-to-measure homes.

This natural recycling process has been recreated to produce our new protecting packaging for our Room Fragrance Oil & Crystal Kits. 

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When your packaging is no longer needed, you can stick it in the household compost and watch it entirely break down in around 30 days, releasing its nutrients back into the soil.  This makes our protective packaging both biodegradable and zero-waste, and although this goes without saying, plastic-free.


The wrap that you will find around your AMLY products is made using natural Carbon Balanced Paper, manufactured from FSC® Recycled 100% post-consumer waste.  Carbon balanced mean that the carbon emissions associated with the sourcing of this raw material, production and delivery have been offset through World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Paper Scheme.

Our motivation at AMLY is to protect, restore, replenish, and enjoy.  We want our products to reflect this from their roots to their tips, so we are very excited to have made this step with our protective packaging.