We have something special drifting in across the AMLY horizon. We’ve been quietly working away to create an exquisite new addition to our organic skincare range. Before we officially announce, we wanted to share one of the most unique ingredients we have ever created…

“Flowers, more fleeting, more ethereal and more delicate than the plants out of which they emerged, like messengers from another realm” Eckhart Tolle


So much of what we do at AMLY is inspired by a re-kindling of the old ways. When we first discovered an ancient ritual ‘The Festival of the Dews’ we were mesmerised.

Standing at sunrise amidst the wild abundance of healing botanicals on Hawthbush farm during the spring and summer months, there’s a sense of being wrapped in the land, held in its healing and wholeness.

We’ve always longed to incorporate an AMLY flower essence into our natural beauty products to capture the unique essence of this healing land and its energetic imprint: to create something whole.

Discovering this ancient festival aligned so exquisitely with all things AMLY and inspired us to create something truly unique that utterly encapsulates the wholeness of the land here, so that we can share it with you.


During The Festival of the Dews, in the glimmering of dawns first light, as the mists rose silently from the gently warming earth, the maidens of the land would gather together.

Cloaked in the intoxicating scent of fresh blossoms and wildflowers, they walked the fields under the rising sun, gathering dew-dipped flowers and blossoms, gently shaking dew from the branches to bring blessings of health and harvest onto the soil.

The dew was considered so potent, they collected the precious drops into the hems of their skirts, splashing their faces to capture its healing properties and ensure youthfulness.

“Everything is transfixed, only the light moves” Leonora Carrington


The women of The Festival of the Dews were instinctively drawn to the power of the plants they gathered, and the healing botanicals held in waters of the morning dew: an intuitive flower essence.

A traditional flower essence captures the energetic vibration and vibrational imprint of flowers into the water. Flowers are gathered and floated in a bowl of pure spring water and left to sit in the sunlight. Once the water is cleared of flowers, their cellular imprint remains.

As well as active ingredients that interact with the physical body, every plant holds a unique and healing energetic signature which works in resonance with our subtle energetic body, affecting change in powerful, gentle ways.

Creating a holistic skincare range that brings balance to the subtle body as well as to your skin is at the very heart of everything we do.


Ever inspired to walk the paths of the ancestors, from the harmonious heart of the AMLY land comes a botanical infusion of replenishing oils and handpicked healing wildflowers.

The AMLY flower essence incorporates everything on and around the AMLY land.

Blossom of Elderflower and Hawthorn, gratefully gathered at dawn on spring days from Hawthbush Farm’s burgeoning hedgerows, are hand-stirred into a melange of Meadowsweet, Red Clover and Marshmallow wildflowers from our abundant summer meadows.

Collected at their peak, each precious plant generously shares with us the height of its vibrancy and vitality.

The flowers and blossoms are slowly dried here at the farm. Being dew-dipped helps the plants maintain full integrity during the drying process.

Our alchemist creates two flower essences, one in our silver-rich mineral water, and one steeped in a skin-supportive blend of rich reparative plant oils, so we can weave this pure and potent elixir into both our water and oil-based botanical skincare ranges.

The ancient powers of the native British plants infuse the blends to ensure maximum potency, directly delivering in every drop the energetic imprint of the healing botanicals that flourish on our organic land.

Its been an honour to walk the ways of the ancestors, gathering in the very essence of the AMLY wildflower meadow, so that you can wrap it around the essence of you.

We’re poised to share news of where this unique ingredient is going next…