Shared Wisdom is a series of conversations to inspire and guide our AMLY community; we invite you to listen to conversations with some of our friends and ambassadors, their personal beauty experience alongside wellness and lifestyle advice.

These discussions aim to encourage and help us to discover ways to help improve our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Poppy Delbridge is the creator of wellbeing method and movement, Rapid Tapping®.

Creative Businesswoman, Success Coach and Founder of Wellness Trend of 2021 (Daily Mail) Rapid Tapping® Poppy Delbridge creates a special kind of transformation in the lives of those she works with.

One of “Television’s Most Powerful Women” (Glamour magazine) she lends a media-savvy business advisory aspect to her intuitive mentoring as a BAFTA judge and chair. Behind global household names and Fortune 500s, she’s the energy coach for your wildest success.

Instigating powerful ‘Energy Shifts’ to unleash clients from New York to LA to London, she’s been described as a “modern haute healer”, “a supercoach” and “the life-changer” by her high-level network ready to raise their game for massive societal contribution.

From visionboard to boardroom, Poppy’s private work revolves around making you the most authentic, abundant and empowered person you can be. She is a popular speaker, Ambassador and in-house coach across members clubs such as Soho House and AllBright, and Poppy’s neuro-mindset and manifestation methodologies have been featured across publications such as The Telegraph, Red, The Sunday Times Style, Health and Wellbeing, The Evening Standard and Sheerluxe.

Q1: What does the word ‘wellbeing’ mean to you?

It simply means being. The eternity of now and how to be well within a moment because moments add up. 

Q2: How do you nourish yourself, your body and your mind?

I use @rapidtapping daily as my method to clear any stress or beliefs that do not nourish my true possibilities to come. I also have daily hot baths with magnesium, salt and scrubs. I use your face balm now at night, and leave a cleansing balm on in the bath. I also have a personal trainer and I have honed my journalling to keep my mind clear. 

Q3: What’s the one thing (product/routine/process) you can’t live without?

I like rituals. For me, it would be bath time. I was brought up in Cornwall so I gravitate to water whenever I can. Bathing is my signal to look after my skin, clear my mind and visualise my future. 

Q4: Mental health: how important is it to look after our own, and what are your personal favourite ways to protect and balance it?

For me, mental health is about validating and then shifting feelings to a more helpful frequency using techniques that work. That could be anything from breathwork to tapping to exercise to dancing. I practise what I preach and I’m always learning new ways to work with our Energetics. Because I am an energy healer and practitioner to clients, and work with large groups,  I am mindful of what I let into my field: including negative imagery, people and spaces. This keeps me balanced and feeling in a state of warm possibility. 

Q5: What are your favourite AMLY products and why?

The balm has me hooked. It smells divine, I can almost feel it nourishing my cells and it gives me a good sleep. 

Q6: How do you unwind and de-stress after a work day?

I take myself through one of my Sleep Taps, light a frankincense candle, I then ritually apply my favourite skincare products, wear silk  pyjamas and take time to meditate on my day, set intentions and imagine tomorrow.