Shared Wisdom is a series of conversations to inspire and guide our AMLY community; we invite you to listen to conversations with some of our friends and ambassadors, their personal beauty experience alongside wellness and lifestyle advice.

These discussions aim to encourage and help us to discover ways to help improve our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Lily Liebel @thereallilster is the Creative Director of Entourage Collection, a global company that curates, enhances and delivers beautiful experiences and services for individuals and global brands.

Our Cocoon Me Hair & Body Oil was recently featured in Entourage’s Autumn Essentials.

Lily has a passion for searching out the very best of what the world has to offer. The quarterly Entourage Edit offers the best seasonal curation of recommendations to add to your ‘must do’ and ‘must have’ wish lists!

Q: What is your favourite beauty tip?

L: Use good quality products, sleep (easier said than done!), laugh a lot, and take care of yourself from the outside and inside. I really believe you are what you eat, and what you put on your skin, so I try my best to be conscious of this. But I also believe in the “everything in moderation” mantra; we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves either!

Lily’s favourite products:

Deep Reveal Cleansing Balm

“One my all-time favourite hero products ever, I love applying this to dry skin before I get in the tub and let it just soak in for 15-20 minutes (the longer the better but I’m not great at sitting still, but I try!) then wash off with a muslin cloth and warm water. My skin gets an immediate glow after that lasts for ages, and just looks brighter and clearer (and feels more hydrated) after even just one use.”

Cocoon Me Replenishing Hair and Body Oil

“I love slathering this on my skin and the ends of my hair after a bath or shower; it’s light but hydrating and not greasy, dries quickly, and smells divine.”

On Lily’s desk at work: City Screen and Digital Detox

I keep these two products on my desk in my office and love to use them during the day. Living in London (and living behind a computer screen and on my phone!) my face gets bombarded with dust, pollutants, toxins, and screen light non-stop, and these two amazing products really help in the fight against these skin-harming radicals.