Reflective Self, Back to Self

The events of 2020 have had a profound effect on so many aspects of our lives.

Adjusting to the ever-shifting landscape created enormous challenges as we re-imagined and adapted our working practices, home life, communities and approach to health.

The world seemed to stop in its tracks, which made space for us to stop and reflect on what matters most once the patterns and pace of usual life fall away.

As we rose to meet the challenges, holistic-health, self-care and mindfulness shifted from being seen as something of a luxury, to acknowledged as absolutely crucial elements in maintaining wellbeing and overall health.

Stress has a huge effect on mind, body and spirit and the pandemic created a real need to take self-care into our own hands to remain in holistic health.

When we find time to soothe stress and support our nervous system in manageable, meaningful ways, we can reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. 

As life begins to open again, there’s a sense of relief as we fold into familiar ways of being and a return to the self. 

There’s also a real gift if we can take a moment to look back at how much has changed and take note of some of the healing tools we’ve gathered along the way.


Regular practice of mind-fullness is a key element in reducing stress and increasing happiness. It helps with emotion regulating leading to improved mood and an increased ability to handle stress which takes the burden off the body.


Exercise is not only vital for the health of our physical body but is also mood-boosting, relieves stress and aids restful sleep. Incorporate at least 30 mins of light to moderate exercise a day into your routine to really feel the benefits.


Lockdown amplified how easy it was to take the everyday things in life for granted, it’s only in their absence that we notice them.

Each day is filled with countless moments where we can experience gratitude, from something as small as that fresh cup of coffee in the morning, to seeing family again for the first time.

Intentionally practicing appreciation and gratitude actually increases blood-flow to the brain and helps it function better which contributes hugely to a positive mindset and sense of wellbeing.

Self-care & Ritual

Incorporating self-care rituals into your routine can be an invitation for you to enter a moment of stillness during your day. Using light touch and taking a moment to pause allows space for the body to enter a state of rest from which healing can emerge.


Juggling work, and home-schooling wasn’t always easy during lockdown but without the frenetic pace of the outside world or having to travel for work we developed a different relationship to time.

With longer stretches of time rooted in one place there is opportunity to slow down and make time for regular self-care, whether it’s dwelling in silence, immersing in the natural world or diving into a good book.  As the pace of life begins to quicken, can we maintain and sustain some of these slower ways of being?


Being physically apart from friends and family has been so challenging, but our ability to stay connected through technology has kept us close in incredibly creative ways. The innovation of the human spirit to stay connected no matter what, is truly beautiful.

There’s also been real potential during these unusual times to deepen the relationship with those who are closest to us, as we navigate our way through, appreciating each-other in ways we may have missed amidst the business of life.


The breath is like the bridge between the self and the soul.

Take this as an invitation to pause, to breathe deep and to notice the bridges from one extraordinary moment in time to the next with gentle awareness. Awareness of where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, what we can leave behind and what we can take with us as we cross into a brighter year ahead.