Carley is a cutting edge aesthetician and energy medicine practitioner; as an experienced Aesthetician & Kinesiologist, Carley is going to share her knowledge and experience with our community over the next few months as she incorporates a holistic approach to achieving total mind, body, and skin rejuvenation.

“My interest in health & beauty emerged around age 13 when I started regular facials with Audrey, a fabulous aesthetician in Johannesburg. After studying at the prestigious Stellenbosch Academy of Health & Skincare, I came to the UK and started my working career at Ragdale Hall and then worked in several high-profile clinics and spas, including the Harrington Club for Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood and his wife, Jo.”

After working at Linda Meredith’s busy Beauchamp Place salon and having her first daughter, Carley decided to set up a small treatment room from her basement in Knightsbridge, specialising in bespoke facials incorporating vitamin-enriched skincare the Ionzyme machines sono & ionto technology for advanced skin rejuvenating facials.

She is now based in Buckinghamshire where she offers several types of treatments.

“I work with the Qest4 Bioresonance system, which tests the client’s response to thousands of information signatures. Once an individual set of signatures is identified, the information can be imprinted into a liquid medium, dermal skin patch or laser light. The imprint process has been compared to ‘digital homoeopathy’ or virtual medicine.

Alternatively, one can see it as a reinforcement of learning between the interconnections of the body and mind by sending back the key information identified during the test and response. We exist as a multi-layered field where thought, emotion, relationships, and numerous interactions with the environment all play a role. The Qest 4 is a beautiful tool to support and reveal these interrelationships in real-time, pointing to priorities, deepening the therapeutic relationship and, in my experience, enhancing clinical success. It’s the next evolution in Energetic Healing.”

Carley has developed a bespoke AMLY facial treatment that uses the aromatherapeutic and bioactive goodness of AMLY’s wildflower meadows, ancient woodland, and hedgerows with thoughtfully crafted products and mindful grounding rituals.

The AMLY Bespoke Facial incorporates breathwork, lymphatic drainage, massage, and cranial techniques and promotes calm, clarity of mind, and positivity.

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Q1: What does the word wellbeing mean to you?

C: Healthy thoughts, gratuity & kindness to self and others.

Q2: In what ways do you nourish yourself?

I immerse myself in nature with a daily walk at beautiful Cliveden or Burnham Beeches with my dogs. Yoga, meditation, and nutritious home cooking. We underestimate the importance of good food; however, if you want the cake, eat the cake. Deprivation is not the answer, and who doesn’t like cake!

Q3: What is the one thing you really look forward to everyday?

C: A cup of English Breakfast tea in the morning.

Q4: Mental health: How would you advise to protect and balance it?

C: The discovery of Pranic Healing at the start of the pandemic has been a massive blessing to me. Negative emotions and traumatic experiences are essentially negative thought forms and emotional energies lodged within the energy body. Pranic Psychotherapy offers the ability to remove these energetic patterns swiftly and safely. Treatments can be done in person or remotely, or one can learn the techniques for themselves. Then it would be a meditation on the Twin Hearts, which enhances and supports mental health and wellbeing on so many levels.

Twin Hearts is a scientifically proven meditation technique aimed at achieving illumination or universal consciousness.
It is currently being practised globally by tens of thousands of people from various religions and backgrounds. This advanced meditation is extraordinary in that it’s simple and produces some fantastic and rather dramatic results. Read the latest article on What Science Tells Us About Meditation on Twin Hearts and Our Brain by Glenn Mendoza, MD, MPH and Nichole Perez, MD.

Carley’s favourite:

Deep Reveal Cleansing Balm

“It is challenging to choose one, but the Deep Reveal Cleansing Balm and Mask nourishes me down to the core. Its honeyed floral notes and fatty acid richness just melt into skin. I enjoy applying it whilst submerging myself in a salt and lavender bath to clean up my energy body.”