A message of encouragement and support from AMLY’s Founders

One of our first business trips was to Copenhagen – aside from having an incredible weekend and meeting one of our now favourite retail partners (Charlotte Torpegaard) we took something very important away with us.

One of our meetings was cancelled at the last minute as their child wasn’t feeling well. What was interesting about this is that no excuses were made, it was just assumed obvious that the child would take priority over everything. We have always made it clear with each other that our families come first and that we would always support each other to enable this, but seeing how this was the default in Denmark, really made us look at how we wanted to function as a company.

So many women have had to adapt their skillset to be able to work flexible hours. Kerry herself had worked for a film production company, developing scripts when she decided to retrain as a holistic practitioner, so that she could have control over her working hours. Companies are missing out on an incredible pool of talent by not adapting to the needs of women (& men) in balancing work and family commitments.

We purposely try to work with and support women who work independently with their unique skill sets. As a result we now have an incredibly creative community of amazing women with a mutual respect for, not only the work, but each other’s lives.

Founders Lisa Smallpeice and Kerry Moore

We care for you

We want to make things easy. All Amly’s product are designed to promote good skin health and a balanced mind. Some are tailored to develop radiance, some to combat the signs of screen fatigue and some to ease you through the night with ingredients that encourage soothing sleep. There’s enough to think about elsewhere without having to navigate complex skincare analyses. Select your skincare for how it makes you feel. Our rituals help to identify what you need.

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