Shaking off traditional schedules, London Fashion Week 2020 is going digital for the main part, opening the field to creativity and innovation.  Burberry, for one, is taking this opportunity to focus on the British outdoors, as its press release states ‘to reconnect with nature and each other’.

It is so good to hear that the natural beauty around us will form an integral part of fashion week as it chimes so readily with the guiding force of AMLY. In celebration of this, we wanted to honour the make-up artists who have supported us and walk alongside us as lightly as possible on this beautiful planet.

Whenever a make-up artist picks AMLY products we always get a tingle of excitement as not only do they have access to the very best products available, but they also only pick products they know will achieve results.  We’d like to share their AMLY highlights with you.


“NOCTURNAL NECTAR Bio-fermented Facial Essence is a dreamy-smelling natural essence that leaves my skin fresh, radiant and plumped up when I wake in the morning. I particularly like it when my skin is a bit stressed as it’s incredibly soothing.”

Emma Day

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‘All your products are incredible but I’ll give you my top three!! These are: the light DAY LIGHT Face Oil, CITY SCREEN Face Serum and DEEP REVEAL Nourishing Cleansing Balm & Mask. For more fashion jobs where skin is super-fresh with no foundation I find DAY LIGHT oil is great for the super-dewy look as a product on its own: it creates a lovely highlight and makes skin look really healthy. This is also great for anyone with quite dry skin but you don’t want to apply anything too heavy before a foundation.

CITY SCREEN serum is a wonderful base for any foundation. It soaks into the skin really nicely without being too greasy, and tends to be enough on its own without having to add a moisturiser on top. Some serums you would still need to use a moisturiser after as they can be quite light but I feel this serum is two products in one, which is great. Also great for your kit – not having to carry too many products 🙂

Lastly, DEEP REVEAL, the cleansing balm, is just heaven to apply to the skin after a long hard day. The smell and velvety texture feels so relaxing and nourishing. It removes stubborn make-up and really moisturises the skin. It’s great for someone who has been on set all day with lots of powder, etc., and the skin can start to dry out.

I find the scents in all the products have such a high-end feel to them. Scent is such a powerful sense, especially when it comes to relaxing in the make-up chair. I give a light facial massage with the oil or serum, and I really do notice the difference in how clients relax after applying these products. Every time I get a comment on how amazing they smell!’

Fai Archer

‘I love RADIANCE BOOST Face Mist for the start of my work to calm and cleanse,
followed by spraying it at the finish as fixer to my work.
I am big fan of colloidal silver for skin benefits and RADIANCE BOOST gives me nourishing support for skin that I want to see on the faces I work on.
The delicate scent of the mist always gets comments!’

Eli Wakamatsu

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‘AMLY is my excuse to take a deep breath and enjoy a few minutes of me time. At night I look forward to my three steps: BEAUTY SLEEP Face Mist, NOCTURNAL NECTAR Bio-fermented Facial Essence and SLEEP TIGHT Face Balm to lull me to sleep. I also love DEEP REVEAL Nourishing Balm & Mask to cleanse but also use it to massage the face. On set I keep the balm handy for lips and cuticles. My favourite trick is to pop some on the cheekbones for a healthy glow! Without a doubt one of my favourite natural brands.’

Tania Grier

‘I absolutely love AMLY products for skin prep. For me, good skin texture and glow is essential for good make-up application. I always start with a natural micellar water cleanse, and then I love spritzing RADIANCE BOOST Face Mist to balance and hydrate the skin whilst the glorious fragrance is calming and puts clients at ease. I finish off with massaging in a good dose of MEADOW DEW Bio-Fermented Facial Essence – the aloe vera and marshmallow really calm the skin and hyaluronic acid gives the skin a smooth texture whilst hydrating. Hydrated skin is essential for good foundation application and I always look for products that increase glow and hydration, that absorb well and act as the perfect primer. RADIANCE BOOST is also a great spritz to set and revive make-up after application. Most of my clients work in wellness or use natural and organic products in their own lives and value me seeking out the best skincare for their sessions with me.’

Sjaniel Turrell

‘I particularly love DEEP REVEAL Nourishing Balm and have actually been using it as a treatment mask, often overnight, on my skin, which is pretty dry.’

Nat Van Zee

‘My favourite AMLY product is RADIANCE BOOST Face Mist. The beautiful scent and the moisture effect it has on the skin instantly calms the mind and makes the skin glow. I love using it right before applying face oil, to lock in the hydration with all the botanical goodness, and also as the last step in my make-up routine for an extra layer of radiance. It’s a staple in both my make-up kit and personal skincare ritual, and a favourite among my clients.’

Ninni Nummela

‘If a model’s skin seems quite dehydrated, which is often the case after a flight or too little sleep, I like to start with RADIANCE BOOST Face Mist. It’s lovely and nourishing and hydrating.
I would then continue with mixing DAY LIGHT Face Oil with CITY SCREEN Face Serum, adding a few extra drops of the oil if the skin is extra dry and working it into the skin with a little lymphatic drainage massage. The models often comment on how wonderful the products smell and feel and how relaxing they are.

I like coming back to RADIANCE BOOST throughout the shoot day as it’s a quick and easy way to refresh the make-up in the afternoon, adding a little moisture and reawakening the skin.’

Nina Sagri

‘As a make-up artist working across fashion, beauty and private clients, it is paramount that I find products that sit beautifully under make-up and suit a wide variety of skin types. AMLY absolutely hits the mark hugely with this and I absolutely adore their products. Personally, my all-time favourite is DAY LIGHT Face Oil. It is so lightweight and leaves the skin so incredibly hydrated and plumped. It also smells divine and like you’ve stepped into a 5* spa, which is an added bonus! With the oil, I find it best to apply around 30 minutes before make-up application: it is perfect for prepping your skin, then doing your hair, then coming back to your skin and it will have drunk it all up and your skin will be looking glowy and hydrated. Don’t forget to take it down your neck also and onto the décolletage. I also sometimes tap a *tiny* bit of oil on top of make-up onto the cheekbone, where you would usually apply highlighter, to give a super-glowing look. This is perfect in winter when our skin needs more hydration. Another wonder product is AMLY’s DEEP REVEAL Nourishing Cleansing Balm & Mask to remove any make-up and impurities that build up during the day. I apply it on a dry face, working in circular motions to break down the make-up, then I soak a muslin in hot water and press it onto my face and leave it there for 10 seconds or so, then lightly buff the muslin all over the skin to take off the make-up. It is absolutely GORGEOUS. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated as the balm is really soothing. They’re a firm favourite in my skincare cupboard and kit for sure! Thank you AMLY for creating such beautiful skincare!!’

Cat Parnell

‘Actually my favourite skincare beauty brand is AMLY. I love everything about the products: the packaging, the smell, the texture and feel of the products. I also love everything that the brand stands for: holistic skincare bringing you back to nature and yourself.

As a make-up artist I’m a massive fan of lightly spraying a face mist at the end of the make-up on a client. I feel it acts like a filter and blends the whole make-up look into a soft more natural look, keeps the make-up on longer as well as creating a gentle more dewy glow. I’m always on the lookout for face sprays and I really love AMLY’s RADIANCE BOOST Face Mist. I use it on all my clients at the end of the makeover. I use it on myself too every time I finish my make-up; I feel that without it something is missing from my regime.

All my clients love the range when I use it on them, I also really love DAY LIGHT super-fine Face Oil when I’m prepping the face. Often while doing Suzy Menkes’ make-up I’ve used the AMLY range as some skins work very well with it.

I’ve found during coronavirus that sanitising is important, and I’ve loved using AMLY’s Purifying Hand Mist since I’ve been able to get back to work to make sure my hands are sanitised. It’s a great size for the handbag too.’

Charlotte Cowen