Pause. Breathe in. Breathe out….

As we step back into the familiar rhythms of life, some elements have fallen away, some remain, and some are changed.

Digital Detox – A perfect travel companion

Whether you’re returning to your work journey, gathering your clan for a close-to-home summer break, or taking flight and venturing further afield: we have the perfect natural beauty product to introduce into your clean-beauty toolbox.

Our Digital Detox face mist is an absolute power-house, bursting with a potent blend of anti-bacterial, anti-viral and purifying botanicals & bio-actives to protect you and your skin from digital and environmental pollution.

Restore your space

After spraying liberally onto your face, you can spray this blissful silver-rich mist into your immediate environment to purify and cleanse the air around you. Star ingredients Niaouli, Himalayan Salt purify the air we breathe and are blended with a whole host of healing botanicals with scientifically proven anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties to keep you and your skin protected as you travel.

Layer and drift

If you’re wearing a face mask, this is the perfect product in our Botanical skincare range to add an extra layer of viral protection. The healing blend of botanicals is pure alchemy, carefully chosen to cleanse, clear, and protect. Simply spray Digital Detox face mist around your face mask or covering before each use, and as well as increasing bacterial protection, you’ll find yourself bathed in the soft-scents of Juniper, Ylang Ylang, and Cedarwood to lift the spirits and naturally de-stress.

Quench and glow

Air travel and long car journeys can cause the skin to dehydrate so we recommend regular misting throughout your journey to keep your skin quenched. The mineral-rich Magnesium Sulphate in this heavenly mist hydrates and rejuvenates, while Salicornia has the extraordinary capacity to defend itself from dehydration and dramatically boosts moisture levels. The powerful anti-aging Marine Algae nourishes and restores your skin to its natural suppleness and radiance so that you can arrive revived and renewed with a healthy glow.

Detox your skin – sustainable gift ideas

If you’re searching for sustainable gift ideas or simply your own perfect travel companion, our unisex DETOX Discovery Kit also include a miniature Digital Detox Mist together with a Deep Reveal Nourishing Cleansing Balm and Mask, and City Screen Protective Face Serum. They come with a delicate organic muslin face cloth in a chic eco-friendly washbag.

AMLY Botanicals Digital Detox Face Mist is a unisex, clarifying face mist with silver-rich water straight from our natural water spring. The Digital Detox face mist and the DETOX Discovery Kit are perfect for combating digital stress and environmental pollution.