The Wildflower Meadow

At AMLY we consider it to be a huge honour to be custodians of this ancient land.

From generation to generation it has been lovingly preserved, and to this day remains in its natural state and completely untouched by pesticides.

There’s a story inside every bottle of AMLY facial mist, and we would like to share it with you.

When we first arrived here at Hawthbush Farm we found an enchantment.  Something about the wild abundance of healing plants, the soft floral scents drifting through the air, and the spirit of this place captured our hearts.

We are in a unique position to be able to work so closely with the family of healing botanicals and plants that flourish here at the farm.

The purity of the soil they grow in means we can harness their full healing potential, from petal to root.

Our greatest teacher is, and always has been, the land itself.  Our first facial mist is inspired by the scent of this wildflower meadow just after the warm summer rain scattered across the land.

At AMLY, we are deeply connected to the plants we work with and the medicine they offer, they’re so much more than ingredients; they’re part of our story, part of our family.

We invited a renowned water diviner to the farm who discovered a mineral-rich underground water source flowing beneath our ancient wild flower meadow.

So, we let the land lead us, working with our alchemist, to journey into the heart of the meadow, deepening our understanding of its botanical treasures with every step.

When we discovered the water we knew we had the perfect beginnings for our holistic skincare range.

In homage to the meadow where it all began, we named our line, AMLY.