Holistic Skincare —
Bringing You Back To Nature And Back To Yourself

AMLY is the name of the wildflower meadow that flourishes on our organic farm in the heart of the English countryside.

We moved here in search of a closer relationship to nature and to ourselves.

On discovering a source of pure mineral-rich spring water flowing beneath the meadow, enriching the plant life that grows on it, we knew we had the perfect beginnings for our, now award-winning, beauty products. In homage to the meadow we called our line AMLY.

AMLY is also a modern expression of effective holistic skincare. Devoted to harnessing the health and beauty giving properties of nature, many of the plants we use thrive in our green and fertile fields, abundant hedgerows and flower-filled meadows. These natural ingredients, combined with new generation plant-based bioactives deliver outstanding results for skin health.

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Lisa Smallpeice AMLY founder with two dogs at AMLY Hawthbush Farm, East Sussex

Lisa Smallpeice

AMLY co-founder Lisa Smallpeice moved with her family to Hawthbush Farm in rural East Sussex in 2009. She had lived on a farm before, but this was very different: the harmonious ecosystem she found around her and the sense of responsibility, she felt for the continued guardianship of it in its natural state provided the inspiration behind the AMLY line.

Kerry Moore AMLY Founder at East Sussex farm

Kerry Moore

AMLY co-founder Kerry Moore has a passion for natural health and holistic wellbeing. Her craniosacral treatments often weave in knowledge gleaned from studies in homoeopathy, and her multi-disciplinary approach infuses AMLY. She has earned herself a place in Tatler’s ‘100 Best Doctors and Therapists’.