Our Story

Amly is the Old English name of our organic wild-flower meadow in East Sussex, whose heritage and rich diversity of blooms inspired us to create this unique beauty line. Unique because a renowned dowser sourced a natural supply of mineral-rich water deep in the earth below our meadow, which now flows through our face-mist range, bringing life, clarity and wellbeing.

Ours is an approach that believes in the virtues and power of innovatively blended natural ingredients. We respect age-old traditions, while ensuring our preparations incorporate the latest natural bio-actives that are scientifically proven to produce results. We describe our process as ‘botanical alchemy’ because we employ traditional methods to extract essential oils and hydrolates from plants and flowers that have been used over the centuries for their healing properties. The magic comes from combining these botanical treasures with advanced bio-actives to create potent products that deliver outstanding results for skin health.

Our intention is to nourish the whole. Each hand-stirred blend encapsulates the holistic power of the essential oils and hydrolates, releasing meaningful fragrances that affect health, mind and emotion, from the aromatic caress of a soothing scent to the stimulating sensations of an energising aroma.

With strong roots in rural England, Amly is immersed in the traditions of plant medicine and pays homage to our ancestors’ phenomenal knowledge, while using cutting-edge scientific research to refine, adapt and enhance that wisdom to bring the incredible gifts of the natural world to all.

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